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Anjani Amriit


Anjani Amriit is a powerhouse of inspiration, transformation, and empowerment. A former corporate lawyer turned inspirational speaker, author and mentor, Anjani discovered her path to happiness and success after experiencing burnout. Through extensive study in holistic psychology, yoga, meditation, and natural healing, she gained profound insights into the power of mindset for wellbeing and resilience. Working with renowned companies like Apple and Adobe, she is a sought after authority that helps entrepreneurs, leaders and teams unleash their full potential. Her book, "Corporate Dropouts," inspires readers to follow their calling and create meaningful impact. Offering keynote speaking, mentoring programs, corporate training, and purpose retreats, Anjani guarantees transformation. Based in Sydney, Australia, she has a global reach and is known for her corporate savvy and intuitive guidance. Anjani's media presence, and adventurous spirit make her an inspiring figure in personal growth and empowerment.

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