Kevin W. McCarthy


Last seen: 23 Jun 2022

On-Purpose Partners

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Comprehending and putting purpose to work in the lives of individuals and organizations is the new frontier of life, work, and business leadership. Beginning in the late 1980s, Kevin W. McCarthy developed The On-Purpose® Approach as an integrated, personal and organizational message and method so both individuals and organizations could meaningfully align and engage the untapped power of purpose. is an online tool for clarifying and honing one's life purpose to 2-words. Giving expression to one's purpose is a TOUGH SHIFT® worth doing. Kevin is an entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and business collaborator with clients. His books are: The On-Purpose Person, Making Your Life Make Sense The On-Purpose Business Person, Doing More of What You Do Best More Profitably FIT 4 Leading, Discover the Benefits of Taking a Hard Look At Yourself Chief Leadership Officer, Increasing Wealth so Everyone Profits TOUGH SHIFT, Seriously Good Change

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