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Last seen: 31 May 2022

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Hi, I'm Kurt A. David and I help highly-successful organizations navigate Change. Following my life as a professional basketball player, I re-created my success by discovering the keys for successfully navigating Sudden Change. These principles propelled me like a rocket into the next phases of my life as an Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host/Producer; Acclaimed Author of two books; owner of Glory Days Production, LLC which creates television shows; and Co-Founder/Chairman of PurposePoint which is a leadership development company. The implementation of these principles with others has proven they're immediately applicable to highly-successful organizations facing change, as well, and I've presented to hundreds of companies such as the leadership of AMCOR (world's largest packaging company), MORPACE (international marketing company), BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD (insurance company in 190 countries), doctors, attorneys, financial institutions, governmental agencies, and many more. Educational - Entertaining - Inspiring I utilize my approach as an 'Edutainer' to provide practical principles that are immediately applicable. The results of sharing this knowledge includes: Improved Productivity, Improved Morale, Healthier Leader Relations, Swifter Transition, and an Engaged Workforce. For every presentation we can create a brief 'Teaser Video' specific to your event that can be sent out prior, in order to create extra buzz and excitement. And in case you were wondering......I am 4'33" tall and Godly values are at my core.

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