Barry Moniak


Last seen: 31 May 2022

Barry Moniak - Fearless Leadership

United States

Fearless leadership is based on a firm understanding that the greatest barrier to health, wealth and happiness is fear. Most personal, professional and organizational choices or decisions are typically made from a place of fear. Stress, anxiety, dread, panic, shame, even the aversion to work, are just a few of the manifestations of fear. Why isn’t this addressed? Because we’re afraid. Fear isn’t our friend – but it could be. Innovative leaders need to be fearless. Barry Moniak helps executives evolve above a fear-based existence by developing the ability to face, embrace and ultimately befriend fears that defeat lesser teams. Barry is a fear expert. His vocation is Trusted Advisory Business Consultant. His avocation is Certified Ski Instructor. Both require the integration of a fearless mindset and skillset – literally needing to befriend what at times we fear most.

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