Podcaster Packages

US$97.00 / Month

Billed monthly in advance, cancel ANYTIME

Additional Initial Development and Setup Fee (pricing on application) may apply or refer to the proposal.

Refer also our terms of service: https://evolvepreneur.app/page/termsofservice

Please check our features for this level: https://evolvepreneur.app/page/features

Sendgrid Emails up to 100 per month included only, must purchase an additional module for more emails.

Antispam Module is recommended and is additional.

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Ignite Your Personal Podcasting Journey

Are you an independent spirit, eager to express your voice to the world through the power of podcasting? If so, our Solo Podcast Package has been curated with you in mind. This offering is designed to empower you, providing all the tools you need to embark on your personal podcasting journey.

To help you lay the foundation, we'll kickstart your journey with a visionary workshop. This interactive session is crafted to guide you in defining your podcast's direction, identifying your target audience, and refining your unique voice. It is the first critical step to align your podcasting vision with your personal or business goals.

Once we've mapped out your journey, we'll bring your podcast to life with professional artwork, intro, and outro. Our creative team will design captivating artwork that will make your podcast stand out in crowded platforms. And with a custom intro and outro, your podcast will be as unique as you are, captivating your audience from start to finish.

And that's not all - we'll also produce your first episode. This is a monumental step, and we're here to ensure it's a smooth one. Our team will guide you through the whole process, from scripting to recording, editing to final production.

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Amplify Your Reach with Engaging Conversations

Elevate your podcast with captivating guest speakers. Our Guest Podcast Package includes all the benefits of our Solo Podcast Package, plus a seamless guest workflow, insightful guest workshop, and project management support. Expand your audience and create engaging conversations today.

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Unlock Your Podcast's Monetization Potential

With our Podcast Sales System Package, you have the key to monetizing your podcast effectively. By leveraging captivating guest interviews and implementing a comprehensive system, we'll help you generate revenue while delivering engaging content to your audience. From host hiring and training to seamless implementation, our package ensures your podcast resonates with your audience and becomes a profitable venture.

Diversify your content and open doors to profitable opportunities through insightful guest interviews. By carefully selecting guests who align with your podcast's goals and targeting potential buyers, you'll create engaging episodes that captivate your listeners. Our Podcast Sales System Package empowers you to maximize your podcasting profits, offering collaboration possibilities, cross-promotion opportunities, and the chance to sell your services. Monetize your passion and unleash the full potential of your podcast today.

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