US$5.00 / Month

NOTE: This is an ADDON user/email Package, it requires a Core Package or 5 User Package

Evolvepreneur eMail includes one of the most powerful browser-based webmail clients on the market. Compatible with all major desktop and mobile web browsers, using the webmail client eliminates the necessity of any other software, from email clients to calendar apps, freeing up disk space and eliminating the maintenance tasks that come from having more software installed on your laptops and personal computers.

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#1 International Selling Book on Entrepreneurial Success!

It's a common question...  What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?   

It's my belief that success isn't defined solely by how much money you make. The reason most people start businesses is for the freedom they expect it to give them. Unfortunately, the cold hard reality is that most entrepreneurs end up working longer hours for less money, and ironically, less freedom. 

This book is about the process, strategy and implementation of your ideas. The 5 Stages is our way of showing you a viable success path and will help you understand the mindset you need to develop and achieve your definition of success. 

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Attention! Do you want simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money? Discover the best steps for each strategy we teach and what the most important areas to focus on are, and even connect with your best customers and grow an online community.

If you're looking to succeed with quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs, this brand new book by John North reveals how startup entrepreneurs or someone looking to reboot their online business can understand how to create specific strategies to build their list, make offers and connect with their best buyers.

In this Amazing Book, you will discover...

  • The perfect mindset for startup entrepreneurs or someone looking to reboot their online business at this point that would virtually guarantee their success.
  • The big opportunities in quick start concepts for online entrepreneurs that many beginner, or even experienced entrepreneurs might be missing.
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make in the area of quick start concepts.
  • The things that entrepreneurs are most likely to overpay for, and how they can avoid having their money sucked out of their pockets.
  • How podcasting can be a quick and easy way to market your book or ideas!
  • Simple and effective ways to get started that don't cost a fortune in time or money, the best steps for each strategy we teach, the most important areas to focus on, and even how to connect with your best customers and foster your own online community.
  • How to create specific strategies to build your list, make offers and connect with your best buyers.
  • Everything you need to know about how an entrepreneur can quickly start their own online business and starting creating their own community of buyers!

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We have created an online proposal for you. Simply follow the steps for access.

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US$50.00 / Month

We auto bill your points each month to top up your balance.

Our services and development are based on a Points System for our clients and business partners.

More Information HERE

In your tasks area you have balance statement and you can also view and top up points immediately.

We then allocate points to each staff member based on their skill level. This allows you to determine the workload.

If you go below 10 points balance we send you an alert email. If your balance goes to zero or negative we will also email you.

All points are accumulated so if we don't use them in a given month they will be available for use at any time in the future  (they never expire).

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100% Free and no obligation Discovery call with one of our business coaches to review your current situation and discuss ideas.

We love helping entrepreneurs to make a difference!

But we also want to make sure there is a mutual fit between us. If you could give us an idea below of what your requirements might be.

Typically we have found there are key signals that contribute to a successful platform deployment and happy customers...

  • Our platform is designed for "content" and/ or "products/services", the focus is often to create recurring revenues and automate the way they service their customers.
  • The key areas of our platform include Podcasts, Blogs, Courses, Subscribers, Memberships, and Courses.
  • On top of that, our platform owners often want multiple websites to showcase key areas of their business.

So, if you like creating content and products and need an easy way to manage all of this, we are your ideal platform. You can start small with a simple site. Maybe launch a podcast. Or go all in and create a complete system for your business. Go as fast or as slow as you want.

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US$50.00 / Month

If you are sending any significant amount of email, we typically suggest sending your marketing and transactional emails from separate IP addresses.

This product is only available for users only and subject to approval.

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US$50.00 / Month


Make meaningful connections at every touchpoint. Build campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers at the right time and in the right way.

Has everything you need to improve efficiency without complicating campaign management. Design, automate and optimize.

We only charge for the monthly hosting of this powerful solution. We include the ability to auto-sync your users and tags to run your email campaigns. No tricky restrictions, unlimited contacts and campaigns.


Acquia Campaign Studio allows you to create and edit campaign pages all within one platform, so you can easily design and automate every element. Manage campaigns from start to finish to personalize every stop along the way in your customer's journey.


Easily build audiences based on behavior and customize campaigns tailor-made for individuals and groups alike.


Track leads throughout the entire lifecycle with an out of the box points system or a customized scoring system that works for your business.


Easily manage your contact hygiene, and ensure GDPR compliance and cookie management without the headache manual opt-in/out sorting.


With Campaign Studio's visual email builder, you can develop engaging, responsive content through an intuitive drag & drop interface with HTML or a WYSIWIG editor. Start with a template or build it from scratch for a seamless, customized experience.


Visual Journey Builder Design each touchpoint in a customer’s journey and replicate the campaign for segments, or personalize for individuals. If/Then Logic-powered Decisioning Determine the next best action for each segment for every step along the way.


Journey Optimization

Receive real time insights that enable you to market smarter and make adjustments on the fly.

Journey Analytics

Measure results to ensure your campaigns hit necessary metrics to manage marketing success.

Segment-specific Data

Analyze the results of various campaigns and tactics per unique, defined segments.

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