I'm quitting social media FOREVER


This morning I decided to reveal to the world...


Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic. I'm not going off to live in the woods and grow my own vegetables or anything like that.

But I'm giving up on Facebook for client acquisition.

>>> And instead I'm ONLY doing THIS 

So yup. I recorded a video for you. It's a documentation video.

Here's the thing... the video? Yes... I'm sharing it with you. But it's actually for me. (sorry to burst your bubble on that)

I was making breakfast yesterday and remembered that famous Gary Vee quote from "Document. Don't create."

Right now we're making a monumental shift in my own business. It takes us completely off social media. Yet still scales us to over 7-figures/year+ in revenue.

So I thought it'd be a good time to document exactly what I'm doing... right at the beginning. I'm breaking down exactly how we're doing that in this video. 

>>> We shot this video for you

I hope you enjoy it...

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