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You need to own your own stuff!

It's all very well to amass social media followers on Twitter and Facebook, but you don't own them. You don't have their contact details. You can't contact them outside of that platform. You can't send a marketing email to them because you don't know their email address. And even on the platform itself, the situation isn't ideal. These platforms are making it harder for you to interact with your followers without paying all the time. 

And worse yet, all of these platforms can ban you in an instant with no way to recover the followers you've spent all that time amassing.

But that's not to say that social media isn't worth investing in. It most certainly is, but you shouldn't let the relationship begin and end there.

Your goal should be to leverage these platforms to get followers onto your email list.

This strategy gives you control over your destiny and extends your ability to reach your list any time you need to.

Your podcast show is another area where you should be converting subscribers to customers.

Remember, you need to slowly build a connection with your prospects through your podcast show. This will give you a bit of celebrity status and will certainly enable you to command higher prices for your services.

For this reason, having a subscriber strategy is essential.

This is where your customer journey comes into play. Once they feel they know you, it's time to start to move them through your pre-determined pathway.

In the early days, you might simply have them book a call with you to start a conversation.

This is especially handy where you can use surveys to help qualify your prospects before a call.

The rule of thumb is that each email address is worth $1 per month to you.

So, consider using a low ticket offer to convert initial subscribers to some value to cover your marketing costs.

If someone spends some money with you, they are likely to spend more later.

Could you have a $10 per month membership offer? 

Recurring revenue is the most powerful way to make money and keep making money.

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