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Join me today where we dig deep with our guests and get you the best concepts and strategies to fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Deborah Fryer ...

Dr Deborah Fryer is a money mindset mentor, spiritual business coach, and creator of the Anatomy of Money system for holistic wealth and well- being. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs breakthrough subconscious mental, emotional and financial blocks so they can create sustainable, soul- aligned 6- or 7-figure businesses with ease, speed, and confidence (without working harder, feeling guilty, downplaying your success, or selling your soul). Deborah holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton, and she is an award-winning filmmaker who has created content for PBS, NOVA, Frontline, the National Science Foundation, and other media channels. She also completed a post-baccalaureate pre-medical degree and has been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. Her unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, narrative medicine, and creative visualization has helped thousands of business owners around the world change their minds, their mindsets, and their relationship to money, power, and true wealth. Deborah is the author of Best Brain Hacks, Turn on Your Tap, and the forthcoming Anatomy of Money: Your Inside Guide to True Wealth.

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